Preservation of fish stocks is vital: Pres Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the steep decline in the Indian Ocean’s fish stocks is a pressing concern for the Maldives., and stresses that we must take immediate steps to preserve it.

Speaking at the Indian Ocean Conference 2019 held on Tuesday, President Solih said we must reflect on the Atlantic Ocean’s states’ failure to prevent the complete collapse of its Northwest Cod fishery stocks, and take prompt action by practicing sustainable fishing practices to ensure that the tuna stock of the Indian Ocean does not suffer a similar fate. Noting that the consequences of such a decline would have a devastating impact on all neighboring communities, he urged all neighboring countries to strictly regulate fishing practices.

He also recognized that countries within South Asia are engaged in fewer economic activities contrary to other regions, and said it would greatly benefit South Asia as a whole if we were to eradicate inefficiencies in business within the region.

Threats to the safety of countries as well as precautionary measures against them will be further discussed at the conference. With 35 countries participating in the conference, it is set to conclude on 4th September.