'EC members must be given opportunity to speak on proposed amendments'

The President of the Elections Commission (EC), Ahmed Shareef Adam has stated that commission members must be given the opportunity to speak regarding the proposed amendments to the Election Commission Act.

The government has submitted a bill at the parliament proposing to make it mandatory for members of some independent entities and commissions to disclose their financial statements.

The President's Office said the amendments pertain to the Prosecutor General's Act, Audit Act, the Civil Service Act, the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, Elections Commission Act and the Human Rights Commission Act.

While debate is ongoing on the amendments for the Elections Commission Act, Shareef said he believes it is of utmost importance to allow commission members the opportunity to speak regarding the proposed amendments during the committee stage.

Under the provisions of the new amendments, all appointed individuals working in Independent Institutions are mandated to publish asset declaration for themselves and their family. It also delineate that those appointed to or working in Independent Institutions cannot conduct any business with a potential conflict of interest, and set out clear ethical guidelines for those working in such institutions to abide by.