Probe into Judge Hassan Ali linked to Rilwan's murder

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has launched a probe into the actions of High Court Judge Hassan Ali.

The judicial watchdog revealed the investigation is linked to murdered journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

The commission reached the decision to look into the case during it's meeting on Wednesday. JSC said the investigation was prompted by the findings in the report issued by the Presidential Commission investigating murders and enforced disappearances on Rilwan's abduction.

According to the summary report publicized by the commission, a group of individuals had tried to cover up Rilwan's abduction and murder by attempting to make it appear as if Rilwan had been killed in war-torn Syria. Some government officials had aided the deceit, said the report.

The commission's report said Hassan Ali, who was the Immigration Controller at the time, had instructed two police intelligence officers to make a passport for Rilwan. The commission referred to the statement given by Hassan Ali to the police in reporting that he had met with two police officers stating that 'Rilwan's issue has to come to an end'.

The report further said the two officers had informed Hassan Ali that it was possible to fabricate and broadcast on a channel such as NDTV that Rilwan had been killed in Syria. The two officers were acting on the instructions of an individual known as 'boss'. However, the commission failed to obtain information on his identity.

When the officers came to know that an official documentation was necessary to make the passport, the police had state stated that it was not possible. Hassan Ali then suggested that a fake passport similar to that of Rilwan's can be produced. Both officers agreed that his suggestion was fine.

Judge Hassan Ali fulfilled several political positions during the tenure of former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. He was appointed as a judge in March 2018 shortly after he resigned from his political post.

A case against Hassan Ali is already being investigated by JSC. While a committee has been formed to investigate his case, the investigation of the new revelations against Hassan will also be overseen by the same committee. Sitting on the committee are Vice President of JSC Masthooru Husnee, Commission member Mohamed Eesa Fulhu, and Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath.

The Prosecutor General's Office is working with the presidential commission on disappearances and murders to charge those involved in Rilwan's murder. A travel ban has been imposed on 15 individuals linked to the case.