Youth Minister criticizes ex-VP Jameel

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof has heavily criticized former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed over his statement that change upon change has resulted in helplessness of the Maldivian people.

Jameel made this claim on his visit to Ari Atoll alongside former President Abdulla Yameen in the opposition's efforts to hold the current administration accountable and to gain support for opposing PPM ahead of the local council elections.

Responding to Jameel's claim, Minister Mahloof fired back stating that the fact that a person who served as the country's Vice President getting 200 votes in the parliamentary election, is enough to make one 'helpless'.

The Youth Minister was referring to Jameel's failure in contesting the Vilimale' constituency in the parliamentary election of 2019 - coming in third, he had suffered an embarrassing defeat.

While Jameel said it is the responsibility of anyone concerned for the country to find alternative solutions for its residents, his comments prompted criticism from his party Jumhooree Party, and officials representatives of other coalition partners. Members of the Jumhooree Party have been calling for his dismissal from the party.

However, it is his belief that that the economy and people have crippled under this reign, said Jameel in an attempt to validate his efforts for 'another change'. He further claimed that PPM must come back to power while speaking at Alifu Dhaal Mahibadhoo on Friday night.