Funeral service for murdered journo being discussed

Islamic Ministry has revealed that discussions are ongoing to decide on funeral arrangements for murdered journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

Abducted five years ago on August 8, 2014, the Presidential Commission's Investigating Murders and Enforced Disappearances last week confirmed that Rilwan was murdered by an extremist religious group.

After the revelation came to light, Rilwan's family has appealed to the Islamic Ministry to organize a funeral service in his memory, during which the Islamic funeral prayer will be performed. Speaking to AVAS, a ministry official said they are in discussion on the matter but have not come to a decision on the arrangements thus far.

While the truth behind Rilwan's abduction remained a mystery for five years, the presidential commission through their investigative efforts found that Rilwan was abducted in Hulhumale' and forcibly taken to a dinghy boat. The dinghy transported him to a boat on which he was killed and decapitated before his body was dumped into the ocean.