CCCC begins dismantling accommodation block at Usfasgandu

The temporary accommodation for CCCC employees who worked on the construction of Sinamale' Bridge are being dismantled.

The housing block at 'Usfasgandu' area accommodates the maintenance crew of the Sinamale' Bridge. Their office was also being operated out of a temporary building at the location.

However, although the CCCC site is being dismantled, the company would still continue to perform maintenance on the bridge. The employee will now be relocated to Hulhumale'.

The Usfasgandu area was previously used as a recreational 'park' where residents of Male' visited for fresh air.

CCCC had a second accommodation block on the land adjacent to the bridge. While an year has passed since the bridge was completed, the buildings in the area have been dismantled, and a park has been built in its place.

Over 1000 people worked on the construction of the Sinamale' Bridge, most being from China and Bangladesh.