Outrage as deported expats escape investigation

The authorities have under intense public criticism after two expatriates accused of being involved in major criminal activity in the country were deported without any investigation.

The duo facing allegations of money laundering and illegal recruitment of other expats were deported by the immigration department.

Villimale MP Ahmed Usham echoed the concerns insisting that the two accused of such serious crimes were allowed to leave without punishment which he said was a major failure of the relevant authorities.

He added that the case had been brought to the attention of the relevant parliamentary committee.

The Bangladeshi expat identified as Abu Haneef extenred the Maldives as a carpenter but is accused of leading a major money laundering ring during his time in the Maldives.

The other Bangladesh national Shafeequl Islam, is alleged to have been involved in the illegal recruitment of other expatriates into the country.

According to Immigration records, 63,000 expatriates out of the total 144,607 are living unlawfully.