Nasheed voices concern over 'slow' police reform

Maldives Speaker and former president Mohamed Nasheed has voiced concern over 'slow' police reform.

Nasheed made his remark on social media platform Twitter on the anniversary of inmate Evan Naseem's death. 19-year old Evan was beaten to death by the police on September 19, 2003.

In his tweet, Nasheed said the police division of National Security Service (NSS) had beaten Evan to death, and opened fire on unarmed inmates who protested Evan;s murders.

While the killings had prompted public outrage and riots in capital Male', the incident was the start of the democracy movement in Maldives, said Nasheed. He then expressed concern that police reform was not moving faster.

Nasheed recently criticized Maldives Police heavily, claiming that he was being tailed by the police. However, the armed forces and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih himself has denied Nasheed's allegations.