Chemical warehouses to be relocated away from residential areas

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih called an emergency cabinet meeting late Friday night following the massive fire that broke out at a chemical godown in capital Male'.

The President's Office informed that the Cabinet discussed measures on preventing future similar tragedies, which left damaged several homes and warehouses in Abadhah Fehi Magu in Henveiru Ward. Discussions also focused on the relief efforts, with a decision to instruct the Ministry of Finance to oversee the provision of financial assistance to those affected. The Cabinet also decided to involve the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and other relevant authorities in providing temporary shelter for the affected.

The Cabinet also discussed ways to prevent the repetition of such tragic incidents in the future. In this regard, the Cabinet decided on the swift implementation of a plan to relocate warehouses which store dangerous and hazardous chemicals away from residential areas, said the President's Office.