Hatred evident in Pres Solih's UN address: Ex-defense minister

Former Defense Minister and current Maduvvary MP Adam Shareef has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's address at the United Nations General Assembly made evident the hostility and spite held towards the former government by the current administration.

Speaking at UN's 74th general assembly, President Solih spoke of how the preceding government had 'hijacked' the judiciary, and made the parliament non-functional. He had further stated that the government's influence had spread to state-owned companies, and said that media outlets were controlled under censorship.

Adam Shareef took to social media platform Twitter to analyze President Solih's speech, and said the address presented the current government as an undignified and spiteful governing body.

"The government lacks pride and purpose. Development can only be achieved if those in high positions rid hate from their hearts", he wrote.

President Solih is the first Maldivian Head of State to address UNGA in the past seven years.

While former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom did not address at the assembly during his five years in Office, he was represented by former President Waheed during the first year. The foreign ministers at the time represented Maldives the following years, with former ministers Dunya Maumoon and Dr. Mohamed Asim having addressed at the assembly on behalf of the president.