Blasphemous Facebook page blocked; more being investigated

A blasphemous page on Facebook by the name of "Juhaa" has been blocked.

"Juhaa" was a Maldivian Facebook page containing offensive content, particularly towards Islamic belief systems. The page contained a number of posts in Maldives' native tongue, referring to Allah, and His messenger in vulgar language, and profanities.

While relevant authorities were criticized for not taking action regarding the blasphemous page, the police presented the issue to the Science and Technology Ministry, and shut down the page with their assistance.

While swift action has been taken in the past against other pages with content propagating "extremist" nature of Islam, the delay in taking action against "Juhaa" page has aimed heavy criticism at the government.

The police revealed that they requested Facebook to block anti-Islamic pages, and said other similar pages are currently being investigated.