MNDF rescue efforts during fire praiseworthy - Chief of Defense Force

Chief of Defense Force, Major General Abdulla Shamal has stated that MNDF rescue efforts during the massive fire that broke out in Henveiru last week is praiseworthy.

He made this statement in an interview given to the media highlighting the MNDF operation during the chemical warehouse fire last Friday.

Shamal said the first MNDF vehicle arrived on the scene of the fire within six minutes of receiving reports of the fire, and said an additional vehicle arrived on the scene three minutes later to help extinguish the fire.

Praising the fire fighters who worked tirelessly throughout the night to put out the blaze, Shamal said the efforts of the officers who took part in the rescue efforts were commendable, especially noting the efforts undertaken by officers to rescue a mother and son trapped inside a burning building.

"I acknowledge the strength and courage of our firefighters", Shamal said.

He remarked that the fire last Friday was by far the worst the country has experienced in recent times, and said that the entity had done all that they could to control the fire and minimize the damage.

Our entity may not be 100% perfect. While working in such an environment, there will surely be areas to improve in. We assure our officers and the public that these areas will be improved.
Abdulla Shamal - Chief of Defense Force, Major General Abdulla.

Friday night's fire originated in a chemical warehouse and spread to three warehouses and seven residential buildings. While a 46-year old woman was killed in the incident, over 400 people have been rendered homeless.