'Visit Maldives' logo to be printed on Celta de Vigo jerseys

Ministry of Tourism has revealed that the proposal to advertise Maldives on the Celta de Vigo jersey, bus, and stadium has been received from the European football club.

While speaking at the Tourism Conference ongoing at Crossroads Maldives in Emboodhoo lagoon, Minister Ali Waheed stated that this would be the first time the Maldives is advertised in such a manner.

"According to the proposal, 'Visit Maldives' logo will be printed on the Celta de Vigo's jersey, stadium, practice kit, and boards that include teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid", Ali said.

The Minister said the stakeholders of the tourism industry has always aspired to advertise the Maldives on a global platform.

Two participants from the champion team - Ghazee School - of the "Kids Football Fiesta" held to celebrate World Tourism Day has been granted the opportunity to train at Celta de Vigo's Academy.

is a Spanish professional football club based in Vigo, Galicia, currently playing in La Liga. While advertising countries on jerseys of European football clubs is common, this is the first time the Maldives will be promoted this way.