'No grudge against ex-pres' - Waheed

Former MP of the Thulusdhoo Constituency, Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim has stated that he holds no grudge against former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom.

Waheed made this statement after joining ruling coalition's Jumhoory Party (JP) on Sunday night.

Waheed was elected to the 18th Parliament as a member of Yameen's Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM). However, during the clash between Abdulla Yameen and Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom over PPM ownership, he was ousted from PPM when began working with Maumoon. He later joined the opposing coalition against Yameen.

Waheed is one of twelve members who lost their parliament seats during former President Yameen's governance. He was arrested and detained for several days for entering the Parliament after he lost his seat.

Recalling the incidents, Waheed said he does not harbor any resentment towards President Yameen, and said he forgives the former president for mistreating him during his tenure.

"Although President Yameen ill-treated me and regardless of him not seeking my forgiveness, I forgive him. I do not hold any resentment towards him in my heart", Waheed said.

He also said that his political decision to join JP was made in an effort to forget the past, and noted his delight that several members of the former government were today members of JP.