BML begins promotion with prices worth MVR 200,000

Bank of Maldives (BML) began a promotion on Monday with a cash prize of MVR 200,000 for the winners.

BML stated that the promotion will go on till the 17th January 2020, and those who use mobile pay and those who use POS system in merchant businesses can take part in this promotion. Those who take part in the promotion through the mobile pay has to scan a special QR code that is used for the promotion in order to participate in the promotion.

Under the promotion, three winners will be chosen and prize will be given from among those who scan the special QR code. Prize will also be given to the merchant businesses that use POS system. The first prize winner will be awarded MVR 30,000, second prize winner will be awarded MVR 20,000 and the third prize winner will be awarded MVR 10,000.

While winners will be chosen every week, five merchant business winners and five mobile pay winner will be chosen and a prize of MVR 1000 will be given to each winner.