Fuel barge fire leaves six injured

Six people were left injured after a fuel barge caught on fire on Tuesday.

Maldives Defense Force (MNDF) said a fuel barge moored in the Villimale' lagoon caught fire on Tuesday night. While the vessel next to the barge was also affected, the fire was controlled and put out by MNDF firefighters.

MNDF said six people were injured in the incident and are being treated at Villimale Hospital. However, no information have been received on the conditions of the injured.

Among the injured is a fire fighter who received a head injury while working to put out the fire.

A similar incident occurred a few weeks earlier when a bowser at T-Jetty of Male' City caught fire which spread to several speed boats at the jetty. While seven people were injured in the incident, some of the victims are still receiving medical treatment for their injuries.