Inflation rate at 0.28% in October

The rate of inflation in the Maldives has increased 0.28 percent in October, official statistics have shown.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) issued by Planning Ministry shows inflation rate which was at 0.23% in September increased to 0.27% in the following month.

If the change is fish prices is excluded, the inflation rate previously at 0.27% in September increased to 0.43% in October, the statistics showed.

The highest inflation in prices was recorded in that of vegetables, with an increase of 8.27%. Phone calls and other services showed an increase of 2.29%, while rent showed an inflation of 0.84%. An increase of 0.66% was recorded in the prices of communication services, and 0.64% from the price of drinking water.

Inflation of fruit prices dropped by 2.09% while price of milk, milk products and eggs decreased by 0.74%.