Maldives imports increased last November while, exports have dropped

Maldives Customs Services has revealed that while imports into the Maldives increased last November while, exports have dropped by 11%.

According to the publicized statistics of the authority, there was a 4% increase in the price of imported goods last November compared to that duration last year, whereas exports decreased by 11%.

The statistics exhibit that imported goods cost MVR 4.3 billion in November this year, whereas imports cost in MVR 4.2 billion the previous year. Further, while the Maldives exported MVR 405 million worth goods last November, the country exported MVR 454 million worth of goods during the same duration last year.

In addition, imports-exports income generated by the state has also decreased by 8%. MVR 265 was generated last November while, MVR 268 was generated in November 2018.

The five countries receiving the most Maldivian exports last November were Thailand, France, Germany, America, and England and the most exported goods were frozen 'Kulhubilamas' [fish].

Maldives exported MVR 71 worth Kulhubilamas making up 32% of the total exports. The second most exported goods were MVR 29 million worth yellow fin tuna, making up 13% of total export