High Court regards ex-Pres Yameen Appeal

While former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom is currently serving his five-year prison sentence after being convicted for money laundering charges, his appeal has been regarded by High Court.

Yameen was sentenced to 5-years in prison on November 28, whereas the appeal [isthiunaaf] was presented on the 30th.

While the High Court has regarded the appeal, an application for bail has also been filed to the court on behalf of Yameen. In addition to this, his supporting members from PPM/PNC coalition have signed a petition calling for his release.

Yameen Abdul Gayyoom was sentenced to five years imprisonment on November 28, 2019 due to depositing of US$ 1 million (in two cheques) issued by MMPRC's highly corrupted SOF in his saving account at the Islamic Bank. Further, the court ordered him to pay MVR 77.1 million to MIRA as the compensation within six months.