AGO files lawsuit against Free Net Maldives

Attorney General's Office (AGO) has filed a lawsuit against a private company to recover the funds paid to the company to develop a case management software.

AGO on Wednesday said the office contracted the development of a case management software to Free Net Maldives Pvt Ltd. However, the assigned work was not completed by the granted deadline, and the company failed to develop the software according to the specifications listed in the project proposal, said AGO. Therefore, the office is filing a civil lawsuit against the company to recover the funds paid for the development of the software, AGO revealed.

The Attorney General's Office requested the Ministry of Tourism to arrange the funds required for the project on 29 August, 2017. Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation funded the project as a CSR initiative, and paid the required amount in full to Free Net Maldives Pvt. Ltd, said AGO.

While the company had in their proposal agreed to be paid in installments, MITDC paid the full amount in bulk on December 21, 2017. The proposal submitted by Free Net Maldives had stated that the project will be completed within four months.

However, the project was not completed in the given time frame, and several extensions were granted to the company, said AGO. While the last deadline to complete the project was July 2, 2019, the company failed to develop a software that met the requirements and specifications of the project proposal, said AGO.

Therefore, AGO is seeking to recover the MVR 53,826.80 spent on the project from Free Net Pvt. Ltd. Requests have also been made at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Auditor General's Office to look into the project and identify any corruption involving the project