Govt charging tax for the public: Uchchu

One of the most successful businessmen of the Maldives, Mohamed Moosa (Champa Uchchu) said that the government is charging tax not because it wishes to but rather the public wishes for it.

In an interview given to Rajje TV's 'Fashaairu' Programme, he has shared quite personal information of him. Has shared how he started a business, how he succeeded and much other information about him.

Answering to a question raised by the presenter he said that tax is something the government should charge and the government is charging tax upon public pressure, with or without their intention. The public demand for the development and for that the government is forced to charge tax.

"From where does the government will obtain money to fulfil public demand?" asked Uchchu. If not done they will speak out therefore, it is the public that force the government to charge tax.

He further said that the public demand for major development projects for the islands which are not economically feasible when considered population-wise. Giving an example he said that in 1957 there was only one doctor in the Maldives however, present-day there are doctors in each Health Centre. When all these doctors and Health Centres are put together it will be larger than Singapore. However, due to the nature of Maldives, the government is forced to do that, said Uchchu.

Uchchu said what the public does is to criticise previous governments but the Maldives has reached to this level because each government has done some good work. Even though the public has been voicing against the nation's debts, it is the public that facilitates it, said Uchchu.

Some businessmen are against income tax. Previously, Jumhoory Party's Leader Qasim Ibrahim has expressed against income tax. However, in a gathering held by the party at Kunooz, he spoke in a way that seemed he is positive about it.