Still distaste on Addu City constituencies' names

With the recent Amendment to the Decentralization Act, some constituencies' names of Addu City were changed. However, some people have been expressing their distaste regarding the names.

The citizens of Addu have expressed their concern over the names the Election Commission (EC) announced previously. This is because those names were dissimilar from the names that they have been using.

Subsequently, EC has changed some of the names and on 31st December changes announced on the gazette. However, still, some people from Addu city are expressing their concern since they are not familiar with those names.

ECs member Fuad Thaufeeq said that they have changed names of some constituencies of Addu City, however, since the city’s citizens have raised their concern, the discussions are ongoing to address the issue.

Fuad said that the most recent changes were made based on the discussions held with the relevant authorities of Addu, some elders of Addu and some members of the general public.

Mainly the changes were on sounds (fili), like Mooleke changing to lMoolukede.

There is a difference of opinion among people with regard to the names given to Addu City constituencies. There are people who are fine with the names given while there are some people who dislike the names. Thus, when making a change they will go for the majority’s opinions, said EC.