'Voting for parties other than MDP will create injustice' - Nasheed

Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has stated that voting for any other party beside main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in the upcoming local council election will create injustice.

Speaking at a campaign rally at Ha. Ihavandhoo, the former president of Maldives said that the concept of decentralization is unfamiliar to former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom and his administration. Therefore, they cannot implement such a system in the Maldives, said Nasheed. While the opposition would not wish to work within such a system, they wish to relocate all citizens of Maldives to capital Male' and a deserted land, he added.

The decentralization system was re-introduced to the archipelago by MDP, and voting for any party other than MDP in the local council election will create injustice, said Nasheed.

"While we re-established a decentralised system in the Maldives once again, as I said in Dhidhdhoo last night, we do not wish for others to come to lay their eggs in our nest. They are unfamiliar with this [concept] and it is our policy to govern alongside the people of the country," said Nasheed