Will do whatever possible to get Usgekolhu: Thoriq

The State Minister of Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage has said that they will do whatever they can to get Usgekolhu in Rasrani Bageechaa.

While Male’ City Council’s Mayor Shifa Mohamed said that they are using Usgekolhu as a godown for old items. Thoriq said that Usgekolhu is under the Ministry of Planning and City Council making it as godown is unacceptable

Thoriq further said that the previous government handed over Usgekolhu to a contractor to run a cafe’. Even though later the work was stopped, due to the agreement that was made with the contractor and the previous government there are some hitches to bring building under Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage.

While Usgekolhu is now being used as a storeroom, some people have been raising concern over the lack of maintenance of the Sultan Park made by the former President Ibrahim Nasir.