Families of Rilwan and Yameen sent letter to President

The families of kidnapped and murdered journalist Ahmed Rilwan and the murdered blogger Yameen Rasheed have sent a letter to the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stating that it seems that the President’s vow to provide justice for the families, was to get votes.

In the letter sent to the President on Saturday by the families, it is stated that on 8th of September 2018, in front the public by shedding tears, the President vowed that he will provide justice for Rilwan and Yameen’s family and that it brought some hope for them. The letter is being uploaded on social media so that the public also can see it.

It was further stated in the letter that it is unknown what happened to the vows, today it seems the matters are political activities and words said to get the votes.

“Forming Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearance, sir (President Solih), we do not consider that your promise for us is fulfilled. It has been a year since the commission is formed. However, we do not know the status of the cases”, a quote from the letter.

“We request your sir, which we have previously requested to the government, for the investigation of the case of Rilwan and Yameen, to bring investigators and other facilities from abroad to conduct an unbiased investigation. There are many who are ready to assist with the investigation as the case before, Aren’t the government unable to attend to the cases?” Another quote from the letter.

Even though the Commission said there were two Police Officers who spied Rilwan and Yameen, not taking any action against them is a proof that the government have failed to provide justice, it was further stated in the letter.