AG Office represented 384 state cases last year

The Attorney General (AG) Office disclosed on Sunday that they represented 384 state cases at the judicial courts last year.

According to AG statistics of 2019, the office received a total of 388 cases within the year. This is a 49.74% decrease compared to the year prior, where 764 cases were presented.

The statistics show that four cases out of 388 were not presented to the court, as opposed to the 384 that were. As such, AG office represented the state in 1,924 hearings that were held on the case.

Last year, there were 266 cases filed against the government, and 158 cases prosecuted by the government. As such, while 148 of the cases against the government have been concluded, 78 are still ongoing. Further, 121 cases prosecuted by the government were concluded, and 37 were not.

In 2019, the government authority that AG Office represented the most was Maldives Police Service with a total of 43 cases. In addition, the authority that was prosecuted by the government the most was Maldives Customs Service. While 44 cases were submitted, 13 were dismissed, and one was not taken to court.

Authorities with the most cases filed against them:

Police - 43
Housing Ministry - 26
Defense Ministry - 19
Tourism Ministry - 15

Authorities that filed the most cases:

Customs - 44
Housing Ministry - 33
Gender Ministry - 21
Environment Ministry - 17