Zero-tolerance for sexual assault: President

A discussion was held in the cabinet on Tuesday about solving the issue of sexual assault to the children.

The President’s Office stated that discussions were held on to work in association with all the authorities to expedite providing justice for the pending cases of the children’s sexual assault. Further, it was discussed on measures that shall be taken to end such criminalities.

The president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had noted the importance of identifying the extent of such crimes and has said that the government will have “zero tolerance” for such misdemeanours.

At the beginning of the current administration, MDP activist Ibrahim Rasheed (Hoara Ibbe)’s conviction was relieved. Hoara Ibbe was arrested in December 2012 getting caught "red-handed" being with a 17-year-old minor. Later Hoara Ibbe got married to her and is having a child with her.

However, later President Solih has stated that it was his "biggest aberration" and that he regrets making that decision.

“I wish that I hadn’t made that decision and that I hadn’t rushed. After making a decision, more damage will befall having to reverse it”, said the President.