Powerful waves swamp Inguraidhoo, Kinolhas

Powerful waves have swamped R. Inguraidhoo and Kinolhas, resulting in considerable damage to the islands.

The Council President of Kinolhas, Ahmed Hussein has revealed that sea swells are still generating in the region. While no harm to the people and no properties have been damaged, one of the channel marker poles that lead to the harbour is broken, and the navigation-light at the channel was afloat on the water.

"Sea levels are moderate these days, but powerful waves have been swamping over the jetty even now. Even though no harm to the people and neither properties have been damaged but due to the coastal erosion and harbour issues, boats are unable to approach the island", said Ahmed.

Speaking with AVAS on Thursday, the Chief Executive of Disaster Management, Hisan Hassan said that sea swells had been generated to such a degree that boats are now unable to approach the island. Moreover, he said that certain street lights and objects in the area had been damaged as well.

However, no households of residence have been damaged on either island, said Hisan.