Watch-out what you buy for intervals

The Maldives Immigration has said that the expatriates are preparing food in an extremely unhygienic condition.

The Immigration revealed this following a routine inspection of the authority. The authority has shared a video on social media, showing what they witnessed.

An official of Immigration stated that they had inspected some places expatriates work – they have noted that the foods are being prepared without paying any attention to health and safety regulations. That includes some of the snacks that are sold in shops for school children.

“Therefore, parents have to be cautious; they have to ensure that what they buy for the children’s interval is hygienic. Have to see if the snacks sold in the shops are prepared within the hygienic standards” – immigration official.

In the video shared by the Immigration, it shows that the foods are being prepared in an immensely unsanitary place.

Hence, the parents have to pay greater attention to this. Burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches and varieties of short-eats are sold in many shops. The Immigration said they have noted that even the expatriates keep such foods in the shops for sale.

It is noticeable that the places the expatriate labourers live and the foods that they prepare is not prepared according to health and safety regulations. The relevant authorities sometimes shutdown the cafes expatriates operate due to the violation of health and safety regulations.