Called to protect wetland area of Hdh. Kulhudhuffishi

The Human Rights Watch has called on the Maldivian government to protect the remaining wetland area of Hdh. Kulhudhuffishi “Kulhi” (Lake).

Human Rights Watch stressed this to reduce the effects of climate change – an announcement publicised calling to protect wetlands such as lakes and ponds. In the statement, it was urged to protect the remaining area of Kulhudhuffushi wetland.

The statement stated that to protect the islands from soil erosion, flooding and any further disasters, the government should safeguard trees and wetland areas.

It was further stated that Kulhudhuffushi at the north of Maldives – to develop an airport a greater portion of the lake was reclaimed. Once the island is declared as a city, in the name of development, the authorities are preparing to destroy the remaining portion of the wetland.

Patricia Guzmán, Director of Human Rights Watch Asia Association, has said that if the government is destroying the wetlands, it will pose dangers to the other inhabited islands of the Maldives - due to flooding and other disasters.