Villa Foundation celebrates 20th anniversary

The Villa Group’s Founder and leader of Jumhoory Party, MP Qasim Ibrahim has said that the Villa Foundation has provided educational assistance for over 7000 students over the past twenty years.

In a ceremony held Monday night to mark 20th anniversary of Villa Foundation, Qasim Ibrahim said over the past 20 years, the most notable achievement of the foundation is its invaluable contribution to Maldives’ education sector in various fields.

During the years when there was a lack of technical personnel in the Maldives, Villa Foundation had contributed tremendously in developing people in those fields, noted Qasim, adding that the foundation provided either full or half funding assistance to over 7000 students.

He said even if a student fails to pay back the loan assistance provided, the company has never pursued legal action against any student. He will not allow his company to take such matters to court in his lifetime, assured Qasim.

“We never sued a student who failed to pay back, and we will never do such a thing. Even in the agreement, we do not make them liable on such cases, and it will be pardoned automatically. Even the student’s family will not have to take responsibility. There is no burden on them”, said Qasim.

Furthermore, Qasim said the foundation had provided assistance to many individuals with serious illnesses. While it has been 44 years since Villa Group was formed, the massive amount of expenditure incurred for financial aid by the foundation surpasses his investment for the business and that is what makes him happiest, added Qasim.