Education budget; testament of firm policies on education: Pres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the Administration’s education budget is a testament to its firm policy on prioritizing the education sector.

The President made the remarks in his address at the function held on Wednesday night to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of Rinbudhoo School. Addressing the function, President Solih conveyed felicitations on the occasion, to past and present students, teachers and parents of Rinbudhoo School.

Speaking on the Administration’s education policy, President Solih highlighted its most significant responsibility as shaping future generations of the nation as beneficial and responsible citizens.

He said that the education system needs to be strengthened to build a community pivoted around national development, with the mind and skillset to face the economic and developmental challenges of tomorrow.

Emphasizing on the role of holistic education, President Solih stated that the Administration’s education policy was centred around building a generation of innovative, creative and skilled citizens. In this regard, he noted that the Administration had, over the past year, provided numerous higher education opportunities from universities abroad.

Speaking about the importance of preserving the nation’s traditions and cultures, Pesident Solih noted that the residents of Rinbudhoo are famous as master goldsmiths, who for generations had been instrumental in reviving the art of jewelry making.

He also applauded the work of the island council and artists behind the ‘Cultural Road' and thanked the council for its efforts at reviving local arts and craftsmanship.

Recalling the devastation caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, especially to the residents of Rinbudhoo of whom many had to be relocated to Thulusdhoo Island of Kaafu Atoll, President Solih affirmed that that Administration would find solutions to their housing needs through its housing schemes.

He further commended the people for their vigor in the face of the tragedy and triumphed at rescuing the school from closure.

Furthermore, the President affirmed that the Administration would work towards addressing the issue of coastal erosion faced by the island. He also spoke about coastal protection work undertaken by the Administration.

Updating the residents on some of the developmental plans for the island, the President stated that the water and sewerage network project of the island is in the tendering process. He also informed that the electricity service upgrading project would also commence this year.

He concluded his remarks assuring the people that his Administration is here to serve the people and would not make any decisions without consulting with them and would only work towards the benefit of all.