Parliament speaker Nasheed expresses distaste over Health Minister's response

Speaker of Parliament and former president Mohamed Nasheed expressed his distaste on the response of Health Minister Abdulla Ameen at the parliament when he was summoned for questioning, regarding Makunudhoo Health Centre.

Makunudhoo MP Mohamed Raee questioned the Health Minister the reasons for not having a paediatrician and a gynaecologist at Makunudhoo Health Centre even though it has been a year since the current administration assumed its work, which is promised by president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

In response to the question raised by MP Raee, Minister Ameen said the arrangement is not made due to lack of space and budget. The minister added that nevertheless additional space will be arranged this year, and the procurement work for expanding space will be assigned to the council next week Sunday.

“In the case of sending a doctor to the health center, the biggest challenge is space constraint. Especially if a gynaecological service to be provided, there needs to be space and facilities. Just by sending a doctor, the problem will not be solved, it will lead to more hassles” said minister Ameen.

Responding to minister Ameen, former president Nasheed said that he visited the health centre several times. There is space for a doctor to be stationed, and there is a labour room with adequate facilities, however, over the past 10 years even there was no delivery in the room.

“Expressing in this meeting, that not being able to provide the service is because there is no consultation room is not right”, said Speaker Nasheed

President Nasheed had expressed his distaste to Fisheries Minister Zaha and Higher Education Minister Ibrahim Hassan’s response as well previously.