Covid-19: HPA urges to be cautious during school holidays

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has urged to be cautious when travelling during the current school holidays.

In a statement issued by Health Ministry on Thursday, it is stated that while Covid-19 is rapidly spreading across the globe, the ministry advises avoiding any preventable travelling during the upcoming school holidays.

It has noted the precautionary measures to be taken before and after travelling.

Prior to travel
Find information about the situation of the country of travel
Not to travel the countries severely affected
Elderly and people with chronic diseases to avoid preventable travelling
Familiarize with the destination country’s government instructions

During the trip
Not to be in contact with people that have symptoms of fever and cold
Wash hands frequently and use sanitizers
Not to touch face, mouth and nose
To cook seafood properly before eating
Not to go places there are animals and meat markets
Not to go to health centres unless it is a requisite

Post trips
If there are symptoms of fever and cold within 14 days of returning from the trip, stay at home and contact hotline 1676.

In addition, the Health Ministry has urged to be cautious when travelling within the Maldives as well. In that regard, HPA has advised to cover the nose and mouth if coughing and sneezing, and urged to wash hands frequently.

Health Ministry has repeatedly advised to avoid unnecessary travelling.

Over 3000 people have died while over 100,000 people have been infected with Covid-19 that is spreading across the globe. It has been now been detected in over 70 countries.