COVID-19: Kuredu Island Resort placed on lockdown

Kuredu Island Resort has been placed on lockdown after a tourist who recently holidayed at the resort tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to Italy.

Speaking at a press conference held Friday by the President's Office, Health Minister Abdulla Ameen said authorities were informed on Friday afternoon that the tourist had tested positive for the virus back in Italy. An employee at the resort is also exhibiting symptoms of the virus, the minister said.

Therefore, the resort has been placed on lockdown until the results of the employee's tests are received. No persons will be allowed to enter or get off the island for the time being, said the minister. The results are expected to be received some time today.

Inhabited island V. Thinadhoo has also been placed on lockdown after an Italian tourist at the island exhibited symptoms of COVID-19. The tourist has now been quarantined and placed in isolation at Farukolhufushi quarantine facility.

The government has temporarily suspended all arrivals from Italy as a precautionary measure.

While over 100,000 people have been infected with the virus across the globe, over 4000 people have been infected in Italy. Italy records the second-most number of deaths due to the virus, with a death toll of almost 200.

The government has also placed entry restrictions on those arriving from China, parts of South Korea. The restriction on those arriving from China was imposed on February 2, while a similar restriction on those arriving from Iran was placed on February 26. The decision to barr entry to tourists arriving from South Korean destinations was announced last week.

Additionally, all inbound flights arriving from China have been indefinitely suspended.