Govt arranges easier approval process of construction materials

The government has eased submission of documents for approval of the construction materials.

A news statement issued by the Planning Ministry stated the ministry has exempted some of the documents to be submitted for construction materials approval which was stipulated in the existing regulation of controlling and regulating construction materials.

In that regard, from last Tuesday until 24 May, the construction companies do not have to include technical documents stating the quality of the materials when submitting for construction materials approval, However, other documents have to be submitted along with the designated form for approval and based on those documents a temporary permit will be granted.

Due to the escalation of COVID-19 across the globe, many countries have declared public health emergencies. As a result, there is an interruption to the transportation system and along with other restrictions, many challenges are being faced in supplying construction materials across the borders.

In the Maldives also a public health emergency has been declared and the government has banned arrivals of tourists temporarily. This has been causing huge damage to the economy of the country. The government foresees a loss of USD 400 million out of the foreign currency that is to be generated by the country.

Thus far, 13 people have tested positive for the virus out which eight have fully recovered and five people are still getting treatment for the illness. It has been a week since no new person has been tested positive for the virus.