COVID-19: 'Two individuals sharing room in quarantine were related'

The government has revealed that two individuals who returned to the Maldives from the United Kingdom and tested positive for COVID-19 were sharing a room in quarantine as they were related.

18 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives thus far, including three locals. The most recent positive cases involved two locals who returned from the United Kingdom. Both were sharing a room at a quarantine facility in Velidhoo before they were changed to separate rooms after one tested positive. However, the second individual has also tested positive for the virus.

When asked why the two were initially sharing a room, government spokesperson on COVID-19 related matters, Mabrook Azeez said both individuals had traveled back to the Maldives on the same flight and were related. They were placed in the same room upon request, said Mabrook.

"With regard to case number 17 and 18, both shared the same travel history. Both arrived from the same country on the same flight, and both are related. This is why they were sharing a room," said Mabrook.

Mabrook said married couples, parents and children and other relatives are allowed to share rooms with each other during quarantine after assessing the circumstance.

The government has now decided to test all those who recently returned from the United Kingdom, and those who had been in contact with the individuals. The number of people exceeds 50, revealed Mabrook.