Tree Top Hospital resumes Colonoscopy Procedure Surgery

Tree Top Hospital has resumed its Colonoscopy Procedure Surgery after a one year hiatus.

The hospital resumed the service on Wednesday.

Colonoscopy is a test performed to detect various abnormalities in the large-intestine. It helps to extract tissue samples if needed. Therefore, it enables detection of diseases such as cancer of colon and rectum.

Generally, in Tree Top Hospital, the procedure is performed by general surgeons, anaesthetists and skilled nurses. To ensure quality treatment, a team of experienced general surgeons perform the procedure using state-of-the-art tools and machinery.

As per the doctors, even if a person is healthy and is not at risk of colon cancer, if one is above 50-years of age, it is advisable to get colonoscopy procedure done and after that to get follow-ups done every ten years after that. If colon polyps are detected through a colonoscopy, doctors sometimes recommend a follow-up colonoscopy to reduce the risk of colon cancer, as it is essential to remove polyps before it develops into cancer. A Colonoscopy helps to detect cancer before it reaches an advanced stage enabling early diagnosis and treatment, thereby preventing it from getting worse or advancing to the next stage.

If a person has a family history of polyps or colon cancer, the person will be at higher risk of developing the disease, and doctors recommend screening for the disease at a younger age.

Tree Tops Hospital's surgery department has been performing various surgeries for people of all ages. The hospital requests to call phone number 3351610 to obtain further information on colonoscopy or to make appointments.