COVID-19: Carelessness may lead to 24-hr curfew

Dr Moosa Murad, working in the frontlines in treating patients infected with COVID-19, has stated that just one slip-up might lead to a 24-hour curfew being imposed in the Maldives.

The government declared a curfew in the capital Male’ region from 1700 to 2000 hours every day since April 2. Only certain people have been allowed to be out during those times. The public is prohibited from going out at that time, and those who are out during curfew hours will be fined.

The police have advised and sent home over 400 people who were out and about during the curfew hours over the past three days since the declaration of the curfew. It has been noted that the moment the curfew time comes to an end, a large number of people venture out at once.

Speaking on the matter, Dr Murad said on Saturday night that large crowds are flocking onto the streets, and shops the moment curfew hours end. He said that is not a correct action and due that one irresponsible behaviour the situation might get worse.

“These hours should not be taken as a forced action. It should be taken as an opportunity to get protection from the illness. We are lucky that we have not gone for a 24-hour lockdown. However, even with just one slip-up, it might change to such a situation”, said Dr Murad.

The government’s spokesperson Mabrook Azeez also has said recently, because of action of just one person, the country might fall into a precarious situation. Noting “the outbreak is still deadly”, he said, everyone should abide by the measures taken by the government. Being careless, and ignoring the symptoms might put the whole country at risk, he said.

Currently, four local people who have returned from the UK are active cases of the infection in the Maldives. They have been quarantined since their return. However, doctors say the threat of the pandemic is still high in the Maldives.