Over 2000 may contract COVID-19 in Maldives: Nasheed

The Speaker of Parliament, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has stated that as per the Health Protection Agency (HPA)'s forecasted figures on COVID-19 outbreak in the Maldives, it is estimated that around 2000 people will contract COVID-19, despite having the current measures taken to mitigate the spread of the pandemic in place.

Speaking in the parliamentary sitting held Tuesday, Speaker Nasheed said as per HPA's statistics, it is likely that about 8000 people will be infected with the virus in the Maldives, if the current measures are not in place.

Even with the current stringent measures, it is estimated the same number of people will contract the virus. However, it will slow the spread to 210 days.

With the current measures in place, it is estimated 2000 people will contract the virus out of that 10% will be severe cases, said speaker Nasheed.

“We are aware of the existing measures taken in the Maldives. With those measures in place, it is estimated about 2000 will be infected with the virus, out of which 5-10% of people is estimated to be severe cases”, said Nasheed.

Speaker Nasheed also provided information about the existing medical facilities in the Maldives and the number of facilities required for a severe outbreak of the virus. He said to prepare for a severe situation, 247 intensive care beds will be required while 235 beds are currently available in the capital Male’ region. He added that a total of 740 hospital beds will be needed whereas there are only 687 beds currently available, and there are 45 ventilators while it may require 197.

Moreover, it will require 367 doctors, 608 intensive care nurses, and 252 nurse attendants. If a lockdown is imposed, it will be to acquire the necessary resources, and facilities to prepare for an outbreak, said Nasheed.