200 Maldivian citizens in India to be repatriated next week

The Foreign Ministry has revealed that 200 Maldivian citizens in different cities of neighbouring India will be repatriated next week.

The ministry said Maldivians in Punjab, Calcutta, Gurgaon, Rishikesh, New Delhi, Vellore, Chennai, Trivandrum and Cochin will be evacuated to the Maldives on a chartered Maldivian airline flight.

The flight will make stops at New Delhi and Trivandrum, and the Maldivian Consulate in Trivandrum along with the Maldives High Commission will make arrangements to ensure that those in other cities are transferred to either New Delhi or Trivandrum prior to the evacuation flight.

Those being repatriated include Maldivian citizens who traveled to India for medical purposes and could not return to Maldives due to flight cancellations, those who cannot seek further medical treatment due to the lockdown imposed in India, those in remote areas who are unable to easily reach airports to catch repatriation flights, and those travelling on short term visas. Tickets for the flight will be purchased by travelers.

Foreign Ministry said more repatriation flights are being planned to evacuate Maldivian citizens stranded in India.