Govt publicizes regulations on income support allowance

The government has publicized regulations under which allowances will be issued to those whose livelihoods have been affected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Economic Ministry publicized the Income Support Allowance Regulations on the government gazette on Wednesday. The ministry said the regulations were developed according to to Article 23.6 of the Public Finance Act.

According to the regulations, those who have been terminated from their employment, those whose employment status have been affected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and freelancers whose livelihoods have been affected are eligible to claim upto MVR 5000 per month for a duration of three months. This include individuals who have been terminated, placed on no-pay leave, forced to take pay-cuts or suspended from their jobs . However, the individuals must have been employed before March 1, and must not have an additional source of income that earns them over MVR 5000 in a month. Those who have other sources of income, but earns less than MVR 5000 are eligible to claim the difference in the amount.

The ministry has instructed those seeking the support allowance to get registered on the ministry's job centre portal.