COVID-19: Three Indian nationals who traveled from Maldives test positive

The government of Maldives has confirmed that three Indian nationals who departed to India from the Maldives on an Indian naval ship have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Maldives confirmed that matter in a news brief held by National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) to provide information on COVID-19 related issues. The centre’s spokesperson Mabrook Azeez said the government have verified reports published by the Indian media announcing the new cases. The Indian government has confirmed that three people who recently departed from the Maldives have tested positive for COVID-19, said Mabrook.

Responding a question raised by a reporter, Mabrook said only the vitals of the people who were repatriated to India via the naval ship were checked prior to their departure, as per the request of the Indian government. It was understood that they would be tested for COVID-119 at their disembarking port, said Mabrook.

The Indian government has decided to quarantine the travelers for 14 days in the Indian city of Cochin.