People's Majlis

Opposing PNC's deputy leader submits six bills to the parliament

MP of Maavashu constituency, Ahmed Saeed has submitted six bills to the parliament following the rejection of his bills on assisting people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Maldives. This is is his third attempt to submit bills on the issue.

The deputy leader of the Peoples' National Congress (PNC), who also served as the Economic Minister in the last administration previously submitted a bill on extending aid in COVID-19 pandemic. The bills propoposed to allow for funds to be withdrawn from the pension fund, to defer rent payment on agricultural lands, resuming flight operations at Velana International Airport, and to condition landlords not to evict tenants paying at least 50% of the rent amount in the Male’ region during the current public health crisis. However, the parliament rejected the bill submitted by the MP, once when it was initially submitted and later when a revised bill was submitted.

MP Saeed revealed on Wednesday that he has now submitted six bills after the parliament refused to accept his bills on extending aid in COVID-19 pandemic.

The six bills are; a bill on postponing rent payment of social housing, relieving payment of leasehold lands of farmers, releasing pension fund money, leeway for loan holders, a bill on household rents, and a bill on lease payments of tourism-related lands.