Maldivian Idol finalist as Earth Day Network ambassador

Renowned Maldivian singer Mariyam Maisha has been assigned as the Maldives’ ambassador for international environmental NGO ‘Earth Day Network”.

The NGO is the organiser of the Earth Hour that is marked across the globe. The organization advocates for environmental matters, initiates several other environmental programmes and has over 10,000 partners in 182 countries.

Maisha said as a singer, she will promote the green environment, and make people aware of the consequences of environmental pollution. She added that she wishes to see the seas free from plastic.

The President of Earth Day Network, Cathleen Rogers said it is an honour to have Maisha onboard as an ambassador for the Earth Day Network. The Regional Director of the NGO, Karuna Singh said they are confident that the young singer will be able to inspire the youth.

Mai was a finalist of the Maldivian Idol Season 3 and was the most popular singer of the season. She won the 3rd place in the season. She later formed her own music band and has been working in the music industry since then as the lead singer of “Musigarun”. Maisha is well known among her friends as “Raalhu Mariyambu” - Raalhu literally meaning tide- as she used to surf. Maisha is also the goodwill ambassador of WHO Maldives as well as Manta Air and the telecommunication company, Dhiraagu.