Pres Commission on deaths will not be dissolved before cases are solved

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has assured that he will work to bring the criminals involved in murder cases in front of the law to serve justice.

The president said that in a news brief held on Tuesday evening at the President’s Office. The president has made the statement while the Speaker of the parliament, former president Mohamed Nasheed has said the Presidential Commission on Investigation of Murders and Enforced Disappearances has informed they will not be moving forward with investigations.

However, the Commission has since denied Speaker Nasheed's statement and said their work is ongoing without any halt. President Solih also assured the same on Tuesday.

President Solih revealed the contents of a letter sent by the commission to the parliament regarding missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan. President detailed that the Commission has informed that the witnesses have been refusing to provide testimonies because the informal report on the case produced by the Commission has been publd. The report was publicised by Speaker Nasheed.

The confidence the public had in the Commission when it was first created has changed as some suspects of the cases are seen with politicians of the present administration on various platforms.

President Solih assured that Commission’s work will move forward until the cases are solved. However, he noted that no new members will be selected for the Commission. The commission will continue within its current mandate.

The Commission’s first draft of the investigation was on the murder cases of MP Dr Afrasheem Ahmed and the Journalist Ahmed Rilwan. The draft was forwarded to President Solih and the Parliament. As per the report the two murder cases were linked to a religious extremist group.

The Commission was targeted to heavy criticism stating that the investigation has not been done adequately. The report has been rejected by Dr Afrasheem’s family. Serving justice for such murder cases was a presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.