Parliament to slash duty by 50 percent on regional imports

The Parliament has moved to slash duty fees imposed on goods received at regional ports by 50 percent.

Amendments were proposed to the Export Import Act by Gan MP Mohamed Visham, to which further amendments were submitted by Hithadhoo central MP Ahmed Rasheed. The proposition was approved with 54 members of the whole parliament committee voting in its favour. No members voted against the amendment. However, an additional vote must be taken on the parliament floor to approve the bill with the proposed amendment.

The amendments proposed by MP Rasheed seek to submit a list of goods on which full duty will not be imposed out of the goods that pass through Kulhudhuffushi and Hithadhoo regional ports. Maldives Customs Service must formulate regulations on the exemptions. MP Rasheed said the amendment would help to increase economic activity in the North and the South of Maldives, and would allow for more employment opportunities.

Some of the goods on which the full import duty will not be imposed on include ready made food items and snacks, cosmetics and hygiene products, materials used to produce clothes such as cotton thread, silk and fabric, tiles and kitchenware, glass and kitchen appliances, water filters and its parts, bedding and furniture. Inverter air conditioners, computers and computer accessories , speakers, headphones, mobile phones, televisions, and other electronics are also included, in addition to vehicles and vehicle spare parts. Goods such as pearls, jewels, gold, tin and aluminum, aluminium made products and medical products are also included among the items proposed for duty reduction.