Premium coffee brand Catunambú introduced in the Maldives

Spain’s premium coffee brand, Catunambú has been introduced to the Maldives.

Catunambú is a premium brand of Spain formed as a family company in1897. The brand serves specialty beans from many of the world’s premium growers by roasting, blending and brewing them in a traditional way. The franchise has many coffee shops across the globe and has gained popularity in several countries.

The brand's products will be served at brand new coffee shop, ‘Lets Coffee Maldives’ located on the ground floor of the Let’s Go Tower in Haveeree Hingun. The owner of the cafe’, Mohamed Riyaz said he hopes to serve the most premium brand of coffee in the Maldives in his cafe’. Riyaz added that the cafe is not limited to only serving coffee but will also be developed as a training institute. He added that the cafe will conduct Barista Training Programmes aimed for the country’s youth. All coffee-loving individuals are welcome to apply for the program, said Riyaz.

He hopes to establish a dynamic environment at his cafe' through its qualified employees, added Riyaz.