Govt to facilitate arrangements for undocumented migrant workers to return home

Maldives government has made arrangements for undocumented migrants in the Maldives to return to their country.

An announcement issued by Maldives Immigration said a large number of expatriates have expressed their wish to return to their countries upon the reopening of the country’s borders. The arrangements will be facilitated, said Immigration.

In this regard, hassle free arrangements will be facilities for those who possess a valid passport but have been unable to leave the country due to other reasons. Those who wish to travel must fill the designated forms and submit it to Immigration, upon which their return will be arranged. The opportunity is open until the end of the year.

Immigration further instructed those possessing expired passports and wishing to travel using a travel document to contact the Immigration Monitoring Section.

A large number of migrant workers have been repatriated to their countries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 4,000 workers have returned to their country thus far.