Authorities voice concern over rising number of COVID-19 cases

The Health Protection Agency, HPA has voiced concern over the high number of positive cases of COVID-19 recorded in Maldives over the past two days.

While 50 cases were recorded on Sunday, 77 samples came back positive the previous day. Speaking at the Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC)’s press conference held Sunday night, HPA’s epidemiologist Dr Ibrahim Afzal said the number of direct contacts of positive cases has been increasing drastically over the past few days.

“If we consider the current situation, I think it is safe to say that Maldivians need to be more careful and continue to follow our instructions and take precautions,” said Dr. Afzal.

Dr. Afzal further said the number of locals testing positive has increased and is comparable to the figures from the worst-affected days during the current pandemic. Those who exhibit symptoms of the illness have also increased after lockdown measures imposed in the Maldives were lifted, as well as the number of people whose conditions worsen due to the illness, said the doctor.

Spokesperson of HEOC, Dr. Nazla Rafeeq voiced further concerns regarding the current situation. Speaking at the press conference, Dr. Nazla said a large number of people are refusing to give accurate information on people they had come in contact with. While authorities may sometimes not pick up on false information provided by patients, it is sometimes identified when more positive cases with links to the previous case pop up, said Dr. Nazla.

The Maldives’ tally of COVID-19 cases is now at 3,302. While 738 cases are currently active, 15 deaths have been recorded to date.